The LifeFuels Bottle

The LifeFuels Smart Water Bottle that syncs to your app and fuels your day

The smart nutrition bottle that adapts to your day. Simply mix, sip and go.
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"It’s a pretty clever product in its own right, but the team at LifeFuels have gone out of its way to make it smart for users." -Digital Trends
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"The LifeFuels bottle does everything it promises and then some." -CNET
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Mix. Sip. Go.
Our smart nutrition bottle dispenses flavor and nutrients with the push of a button—redesigning the way you drink enhanced water, forever.
Dispense Nutrients
Dispense flavors & nutrients with one touch
Adjust Flavor
Adjust taste & strength
Track water
Track your water intake
Instantly craft personalized beverages with FuelPods™.
Recyclable through our send-back program, FuelPods offer a variety of natural flavors and essential nutrients. Each FuelPod creates up to 30 beverages based on preference.
LifeFuels Open BottleLifeFuels FuelPodsLifeFuels Open Bottle
Mix it up.
LifeFuels bridges a crucial gap between hydration, nutrition, and technology. The three-part system—The Bottle, FuelPods, and LifeFuels App—encourages you to drink more water, while tailoring everything to your lifestyle, activities, and taste.
Holds 3 FuelPods
3x FuelPods
Swap FuelPods Anytime
Swap Anytime
The Bottle AppThe Bottle App
Connect with the LifeFuels App.
The App provides actionable insights and allows you to set and track hydration goals, customize the flavor and strength of each beverage, view the levels remaining in each FuelPod, and more.
Sync with wearables
Sync with wearables
Adjust taste
Adjust taste & strength
Monitor water intake
Monitor your hydration & nutrition
One simple system.
The Bottle, FuelPods, and LifeFuels App work together to measure your intake and make hydration and nutrition recommendations based on personal preferences and needs.